Hi there! I can see a pattern developing here, where I start every post with false amazement at how long it’s been and some sort of explanation. It has, of course, been long, and you bet I have a perfectly good explanation for that, but instead I’m going to make a confession today:

Writing this is difficult, more difficult than I would expect it to be. And there are many reasons why.

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I Am Not Where I Am Not

IMG_3856Oh, wow. I’ve been away for over a year.

Frankly, it’s been enough to consider this blog dead—and I did, for a while. But I suppose that I really do need to write and sometimes a journal is just not enough. You know how in a journal you can write basically anything because the assumption is that no one will ever read it? Well, throughout this year I have become certain that I don’t want to write just for myself, that I do want other people to see my writing.

So why did I stop? Well, get yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee or whatever floats your boat, sit back, take in the new design and read on—this will take a while.

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“Sweet” laziness


There’s no denying that I took a break from writing, this time a month long. Of course, there are reasons behind it—Xmas/New Year’s spent away from the computer, slowly adjusting to post-holiday reality, and finally getting fully into all the apartment-decorating matters.

To be honest, I’ve noticed that such “breaks” are common at the beginning of blog writing; it can end in different ways: either it stays like that and the blog eventually disappears, or you work out a system for adding new posts, a schedule that fits your lifestyle. Of course, I’d prefer the second option.

Yes, this time I cut myself some slack. But I have to say that putting this off for so long made me think about laziness in its many forms.

I’ve realised that whenever something new and fascinating appears in my life I spend majority of my time on that thing only, I’m very much engaged and I think that I’ve found my calling. I assume that I’m not alone in this. But maybe not everyone acts this way for a week only…

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Brand new apartment


source: The Shiny Squirrel

What a break from writing! It was supposed to be just one day and the week has passed in a blink! Truth be told, I was very busy every day, doing keratin treatment on my hair, on my friend’s hair, meeting friends, applying for culinary photography workshops, planning the design of the new apartment… Oh, right––the news of the week is that I’ll be getting the keys next week! To celebrate, a couple of pictures that inspired me greatly when I was trying to figure out what I want the place to look like.

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That ugly, grey Łódź?

306A07332nd December 2013, sunrise in Łódź-Śródmieście

Today I met with a friend who has moved to Warsaw some time ago. He claimed that Łódź is lifeless, there’s few people here and nothing is happening. I don’t blame him, if he’s originally from here complaining is in his blood and since he moved to Warsaw he is somehow forced to compare both cities and make Łódź look bad for it (Warsaw has some sort of Łódź complex, it seems). And as a Pole he obviously has to think this “Polish Manchester”, “Polish Detroit” is grey, dirty, people steal and beat you up here.

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It’s so cold! I came back home late today, took the long way and I’m freezing. Waiting for the light to turn green I rubbed my hands together and dreamt about the moment when I’ll wrap myself in a warm blanket with a cup of tea. I decided that today, more than anyting, I need cosiness.

I like places that are cosy because they make me think of comfort––both in the meaning of warmth and freedom or effortlessness. Of course, cosiness can mean something else to diffrent people. To me, a cosy apartment is one that meets me on the way, greets me like a dog wagging its tail or a cat rubbing against my legs (or, in case of my cat, meowing loudly up until I take him in my arms where he can purr). An apartment I can sink into, one I can wrap myself with. Somehow softness and natural colour work best with that, in my opinion. And a lot of light.

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Quick pasta, quick post

306A0657I could eat pasta every day. Seriously. As a child I would eat half of the pasta made for the soup before the meal, so my nan had started making double portion, just in case. Recently I didn’t eat pasta for a whole eternity, i.e. a week. I then made up for it by eating pasta for the next three days because I couldn’t satisfy my pasta craving.

I love pasta because it’s so quick to make and versatile. Theoretically, you eat the same thing all the time, but the ways of making it are countless. Pasta is like a base around which you can build more and more sets… Wait, have I just compared cooking pasta to building an outfit? I really must be obsessed.

Coming back to the speed, though. There are moments when I don’t have time to cook elaborate meals. Pasta is the obvious choice in such cases (actually it is pretty much the obvious choice in other cases as well). And this particular recipe is perfect if you can’t waste time slaving away in the kitchen.

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DIY: Xmas cards

306A0742It’s snowing! Not sure if you feel the same way, but for me true winter means snow. Yes, we all remember the previous horrible winter that lasted ages––but maybe I’m more forgiving because seeing the snow falling (or rather whipping) outside made me light the candles, jump on the bed and squeak. Yes. I’m not ashamed to admit it. Moving on.

It’s possible that waiting for Xmas is more pleasant for me than the actual holiday. This is the moment to bake gingerbread biscuits, there are fairy lights everywhere and other Xmas decorations… The snow is the icing on the cake. And since it’s so Xmas-y (less than 3 weeks!) I decided to do something festive.

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The Xmas Presents Conundrum

IMG_1044I’ve noticed that the end of November/beginning of December is the time when the unavoidable question is asked, first tentatively, then with full force: “What would you like for Xmas?”

I must confess I have a problem with that this year. A few years ago I can come up with tons of small (or not so small) gifts that I “really must have”, but now I’m so sick of accumulating things that it would be difficult for me to name even one thing I want. On the other hand, I know that if I don’t come up with something I can get a load of useless crap.

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